A lovely party with the girls from Tb & Ajkay. Vientiane, Lao PDR.


Dream: Airplane Crash

June 30, 2011

I was in an airplane, and it was taxiing towards the runway. The take-off lane was sandwiched between these limestone karsts, the kind you see in SEAsia. I noticed that water started to flood the lane, and the passengers were concerned that we wouldn’t be able to take off. Incredulously, the captain did! It was a smooth take off too. But then, we fell. We landed on our bottom, and we seemed to glide. We were gliding down a country road, it looked like. I looked out my window and it was snowing. There was snow everywhere, and it looked like the Pacific Northwest. Pine trees with bits of snow, the look of fading winter light during the gloaming. We wre gliding. And then, we fell. Slid right off a cliff, and down towards a pine tree filled gully. I knew it was the end. I wasn’t scared, though. That was weird. I was absolutely convinced that this was the end, that I would be going to a better place–or at least begin a new adventure–and I just sat and waited while everyone screamed and then closed my eyes right before the end so that the blackness wouldn’t be an interruption. And when I died, it was like this weird lift. I felt it, crossing that threshold. And then I woke up.